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April 2015

Jamul Haven Monthly Newsletter
In this issue:
Recipes from Yesterday
Hints from Yesterday
Guest Update
Jamul Haven Events
News from Jamul Haven
Innkeeper Update
History Update
Upcoming Local Events

Recipes from Yesterday
Recipes from “The Everyday Cook-Book,” (c) 1889 and found in the Jamul Haven Angel House.
Apple Sauce: Peel, quarter, and core rich tart apples; put to them a very little water, cover them, and set them over the fire. When tender, mash them smooth, and serve with roasted pork, goose, or any other gross meat.

Hints from Yesterday
Hints from “The Everyday Cook-Book,” (c) 1889 and found in the Jamul Haven Angel House.
Courage: One may possess physical courage, so that in times of danger, a railroad accident, a steamboat collision or a runaway horse, the heart will not be daunted or the cheek paled, while on the other hand, one may be morally brave, not afraid to speak a word for the right in season, though unwelcome, to perform a disagreeable duty unflinchingly or to refuse to do a wrong act, and yet be a physical coward, trembling and terrified in a thunder-storm, timid in the dark, and even scream at the sight of a mouse. Courage, both moral and physical, is one of the finest attributes of character, and both can be cultivated and gained if desired and sought after. Some girls think it interesting and attractive to be terrified of insects, and will shriek with fright if they happen to be chased a few rods by a flock of geese, but they only excite laughter and do not gain the admiration which a brave girl who tries to help herself would deserve.


Guest Update
Dean and Regina visited from San Pedro. Angela, Jasper and Tisha celebrated a birthday. Gloria and Tom visited from Pomona. Nancy and Lee visited from Arroyo Grande. Virginia and Scott visited from Richmond, VA. Brandon and Samantha; and Randall and Cathey  celebrated an anniversary. Margie and Scott visited from La Mirada.

Jamul Haven Events
We’re starting to enter our busy season, so if you have a special event to celebrate this summer (e.g., anniversary, birthday) , you might want to make your reservation early to be sure you get the date you want.

News from Jamul Haven
The greenhouse is finally done and we’ve discovered a significant side benefit. The cover is made from a special reflective fabric that allows 50% of the light through, and reflects 50% of the light back. I selected this primarily because it also offered the benefit of reflecting heat from the earth back during the night to help keep the plants warm during the night. But a side benefit we’ve discovered is that the large reflective surface bounces additional light right back onto our solar array, thereby significantly increasing the solar production. We’ve actually built a greenhouse that will pay for itself in terms of electricity generation!


Innkeeper Update

Marianne’s sciatica on her right side remains better, but it started up on her left side and on that side it’s now as bad or worse than the right side was back in the beginning. She’s going to try another steroid injection in the hope that she gets relief on the other side this time. Many of Rosalba’s developing health issues have gone away as she’s continued to lose weight.  So if your doctor advises you to lose weight, it really does pay to listen. Elizabeth and Daniel are in the process of building a house in Germany, and they’ve found that the website Houzz has a wealth of design ideas. Lydia has grown up enough to start the transition out of helping us with the B&B, and her younger sisters Stephanie and Charlotte have begun to transition in. Because we’ve now got two helpers to work with, Stephanie is helping me with outside work and Charlotte is helping Rosalba and Marianne with inside work. They’re both delightful to work with. You may recall that Riley and I both went on a diet on January 1st. As part of the diet, we’ve stopped giving him snacks and his only primary source of food is dry dog food that we feed him in his dog dish. Yesterday Marianne kept noticing him standing at the dog dish crunching on his dog food, and she thought to herself that I seemed to be feeding him more than normal.  So she hid around the corner to watch what was going on. Riley walked into the pantry, stuck his head out a minute later, looked all around, then walked over to his dog dish and dropped a mouthful of cookies into the dog dish. He then started happily chowing down.

History Update
(Reprinted from March 2012)
Jamul Haven History, The Growth of the Olive Empire
Gifford settled in Jamul in 1888, where he planted a grove of orange and olive trees which he watered from a nearby spring (still present). He later purchased one hundred and one acres adjoining, on which twenty acres were devoted to an orchard and the remainder to general farming. While engaged in these activities, he became aware of the growth potential in olives, and sold his ranch in 1895 to devote himself exclusively to olives. Interestingly, the year of the initial mortgage on Jamul Haven was 1895. By the time Gifford filed his application for a United States Patent on the Mexican Canyon property in 1896, he clearly had a small olive industry in operation. The 1898 Patent and 1899 addition to his Queen Anne Victorian farm house coincided with the success of his olive orchard and Gifford Olive Mill industry.
A brief note in the 1899 newspaper reported olive orchards and grain fields in the Valley of Jamul “tell of fruitful soil” (San Diego Union January 1, 1899). An article in the San Diego Union remarked that fifty years earlier, on March 31, 1906, C.M. Gifford took out a permit to construct his olive factory at 13th and Market Street (San Diego Union March 31, 1956). Another article in 1933 mentioned the Gifford plant received what was believed to be the first award given for canned olives. By that time, they processed 400 tons of olives into 18,000 to 24,000 cases for wholesale and retail sales. C.M. Gifford & Sons estimated they produced 10 million pint cans of olives since they began their operation in 1899. The 1905 San Diego City Directory shows the Gifford Olive Works was located at 525 9th in downtown San Diego. By 1907 they were at 13th and M, and by 1918 they were at 13th and Imperial. An April 20, 1930 article in the San Diego Union entitled “Gifford’s Olives ‘Grow’ With Passing of Years” states: In a small square adobe shed with crude wooden barrels and vats, Gifford sought ways and means to improve the processes of curing the fruit, at the same time delivering his small output to local stores and other business concerns by wagon and team. He was the entire force, factory owner, manager, help and deliveryman.’
“… It is interesting to know that the Gifford firm was the first in the world to successfully can ripe olives. Outside markets soon sought Gifford olives but being an entirely new product canned ripe olives were slow to meet with public demand outside of California.
“…Many of C.M. Gifford’s original customers are still buyers in large quantities of Gifford packed olives today, [1930), including Klauber-Wagenheelm company, Hotel del Coronado, Hamilton’s grocery, the original Heller’s stores, now the MacMarr chain, and the Southwestern Grocery company, then Cook-Haddock company. The Gifford business has remained under family control since its inception and Gifford ripe olives now have national distribution.”

Upcoming Local Events
San Diego Watercolor Society Art Takes Root

San Diego Watercolor Society

Apr 1 – 26, 2015
Price: Free
Region: Point Loma, Harbor Island & Shelter Island

San Diego Watercolor Society April juried Member Show, Art Takes Root. The show will be juried by Risë Parberry, an award winning signature member of both SDWS and the National Watercolor Society.

Annual Lakeside Rodeo
Apr 17 – 19, 2015
Price: $5-$20
Venue: Lakeside Rodeo Grounds
Region: East County

Head to the East County for some Western-Style Fun, with Bronc Riding, Barrel Racing, Steer Wrestling, Roping Competitions and more at the Lakeside Rodeo.

Rock in the Park – Berkley Hart Selis Twang

Reuben H Fleet Science Center

April 17, 2015
Price: In Advance – $24-$27 At the Door – $32
Region: Downtown

Eve Selis and Marc Twang join forces with folk circuit mainstays Berkley Hart. They’ve merged their various instrumental, vocal and writing skills to create an album full of memorable songs and strong performances.

Annual Coronado Flower Show

Coronado Visitor Center and Historical Association & Museum

Apr 18 – 19, 2015
Price: $5
Venue: Spreckels Park
Region: Coronado

The nation’s largest flower show under a tent takes place in Spreckels Park, with flower exhibits, live entertainment and trophy presentations.

San Diego Earth Fair
April 19, 2015
Price: Free
Venue: Balboa Park
Region: Downtown

Set in San Diego’s Balboa Park, the celebration of planet Earth features a children’s parade, booths, educational exhibits, music and earth-friendly food

Art Alive 2015: Floral Exhibition

San Diego Museum of Art

Apr 24 – 26, 2015
Price: Members – Free Nonmembers – $20
Region: Downtown

Art Alive is the Museum’s signature fundraiser and annual floral exhibition featuring floral interpretations of art in the Museum’s collection.

Adams Avenue Unplugged
Apr 25 – 26, 2015
Price: Free
Venue: Adams Avenue
Region: Hillcrest

Adams Avenue Unplugged is a weekend music and art festival with more than 170 live acoustic performances over 4 outdoor and 22 indoor stages.

Spring Garden Festival at Cuyamaca College
April 25, 2015
Price: Free
Venue: Cuyamaca College
Region: East County

The Spring Garden Festival at Cuyamaca College is a community celebration of spring and a greener future featuring fun programs, exhibitors and demonstrations.

Mission Federal ArtWalk

ArtWalk San Diego

Apr 25 – 26, 2015
Price: Free
Venue: Little Italy
Region: Downtown

Mission Federal ArtWalk is a 17-block celebration in Little Italy in San Diego showcasing established and emerging artists for collectors.

Old Town Fiesta Cinco de Mayo
May 1 – 3, 2015
Price: Free
Venue: Old Town San Diego State Historic Park
Region: Mission Valley and Old Town

Old Town Fiesta Cinco de Mayo is the largest fiesta north of the border. Don’t miss this three-day celebration of the history and culture of Mexico!

Figurative Drawing: Heads, Hands, and Feet

San Diego Museum of Art

May 1, 2015
Price: Single Class Members – $12 Nonmembers – $15 Member Series Package – $40
Region: Downtown

Drawing in the Galleries is an informal drawing workshop at the Museum where students draw from objects in the collection with an instructor. This class visits the exhibition Divine Desire to learn Figurative Drawing of the Head, Hands, and Feet.

El Cajon Dinner and a Concert
May 1, 2015 – on-going
Price: Free
Venue: Prescott Promenade
Region: East County

El Cajon’s Dinner & a Concert offer music from every genre so that there is something for everyone each concert season from May through September.

Beach Soccer Jam
May 2 – 3, 2015
Price: General Admission – Free
Team Registration – $550
Venue: Fiesta Island
Region: Mission Bay and Beaches

Beach Soccer Jam is a non-stop, exciting entertainment event for both youth and adults with a beach soccer tournament inside!

Musical Performance Inspired by Young Art 2015

San Diego Museum of Art

May 3, 2015
Price: Free after Museum admission
Region: Downtown

Visit the Museum for an in-gallery musical performance inspired by the student art exhibition, Young Art 2015: Visualizing Music.




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