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November 2014

Jamul Haven Monthly Newsletter
In this issue:

Recipes from Yesterday
Recipes from “The Everyday Cook-Book,” (c) 1889 and found in the Jamul Haven Angel House.
Lobster Sauce: Put the coral and spawn of a boiled lobster into a mortar, with a tablespoonful of butter, pound it to a smooth mass, then rub it through a sieve; melt nearly a quarter of a pound of sweet butter, with a wineglass of water, or vinegar; add a teaspoonful of made mustard; stir in the coral and spawn, and a little salt and pepper; stir it until it is smooth, and serve. Some of the meat of the lobster may be chopped fine, and stirred into it.

Hints from Yesterday
(Reprinted from 10/2011)
Girls, Learn to Cook: Yes, yes, learn how to cook, girls; and learn how to cook well. What right has a girl to marry and go into a house of her own unless she knows how to superintend every branch of housekeeping; and she cannot properly superintend unless she has some practical knowledge herself. It is sometimes asked, sneeringly, “What kind of a man is he would marry a cook?” The fact is, that men do not think enough of this; indeed, most men marry without thinking whether the woman of his choice is capable of cooking him a meal, and it is a pity he is so shortsighted, as his health, his cheerfulness, and indeed, his success in life, depend in a very great degree on the kind of food he eats; in fact, the whole household is influenced by the diet. Feed them on fried cakes, fried meats, hot bread and other indigestible viands, day after day and they will need medicine to make them well.

Guest Update
Alicia, Patricia and Claire visited from Cincinnati. Therese and John visited from San Ramon. Robert and Bernadette celebrated an anniversary.

Jamul Haven Events
Marianne’s famous Christmas Teas will be on December 8th and 10th, 1 PM until 3 PM.  This is a popular time to visit Jamul Haven, as Marianne decks the facility out with Christmas decorations.  The cost of the teas is $30 plus tax and gratuity.  Guests may attend the tea for free, and no breakfast will be served on the days of the tea.
Click here to make a tea reservation.

News from Jamul Haven
We’re working on an Art Deco themed room that should be completed by the end of the year.
We’ve received final sign-off on the tool sheds, and I’ve started to fill them up. It ended up costing the Amish company $1K to replace the tempered windows with identical tempered windows but with the etching. But there was never a complaint about it. As you probably know, the Amish live without electricity as a lifestyle decision. I was asking if they get a lot of people that get fed up with civilization and join their community to escape it all. They said, “Yep, for about six months.”

Innkeeper Update
Will is now living in Oregon. I think that for Christmas we should get him and Sandra a Bedouin tent. Regina and Travis bought a 10 acre parcel of land in Jamul where they plan to build a house. They’re quickly learning why houses in California cost so much, and it’s not because of high cost building materials. $30K for a water meter, $50K for building permit, etc., etc.  Riley likes to sleep in my office and snore away while I’m working. I tried to tell him it’s because he’s too fat, but he just nudged my gut and gave me “the look.”

History Update
(Reprinted from a 1913 book scanned by a neighbor, Jack Doherty, and provided to us.)
More extracts from the obituary of Charles Gifford, the man who built Jamul Haven. The date is May, 1924.

A quarter of a century has passed since C.M. Gifford came to San Diego. A much shorter period would have been sufficient to demonstrate his business ability. As proprietor of the Gifford Olive Works he stands prominent amont the successful men who are utilizing the natural resources of the state in the cultivation of crops which are adding materially to the wealth of southern California. The semi-tropical climate of this section of the state makes olive growing, when practically and scientifically conducted, a profitable industry and with the preparation, canning and sale of this product Mr. Gifford has long been prominently and actively associated, having built up a business of extensive proportions.
               Pennsylvania claims Mr. Gifford as one of her native sons, his birth having occurred in the city of North East, may 7, 1856. His parents were Frank and Kate Gifford, who directed his educational advancement while he was a youth in his native place. He attended the public schools there and at the age of fourteen years went to Cleveland, Ohio, where he remained for four years. He afterward removed to Cheboygan, Michigan, and located on a ranch in that locality. At length, however, he was attracted by the far west and established his home at jamacha, California, since which period he has been closely identified with the interests of the Pacific coast.

[To be continued.]

Upcoming Local Events
Art San Diego 2014
Nov 6 – 9, 2014
Price: $10-$75
Venue: Balboa Park Activity Center
Region: Downtown

Art San Diego feature over 80 exhibitors from around the world, bringing some of the world’s most intriguing artists to San Diego.

San Diego Asian Film Festival
Nov 6 – 15, 2014
Price: TDB
Region: Mission Valley and Old Town, Downtown

The San Diego Asian Film Festival is one of the largest exhibitions of Asian international and Asian American cinema in North America.

Art San Diego Contemporary Art Show

Art San Diego – Contemporary Art Fair

Nov 6 – 9, 2014
Price: General Admission – $20
Venue: Balboa Park Activity Center
Region: Downtown

Art San Diego 2014 will showcase over 50 leading international and national galleries. In addition to the gallery booths, special features include gallery-curated exhibitions, contemporary furniture design, art talks and performances.

Playwrights in Process

Cygnet Theatre

Nov 7 – 9, 2014
Price: Single Tickets – $15 Festival Pass – $40
Venue: Cygnet Theatre Company
Region: Mission Valley and Old Town

Playwrights in Process: New Play Festival is Cygnet Theatre’s annual festival of readings of new plays presented in collaboration with the Playwrights Project.

Military Book Fair

USS Midway Museum

November 8, 2014
Price: Free with admission
Region: Downtown

The annual Military Book Fair features top authors who write about or cater to the military and their families. This exciting event features TV producers, #1 New York Times bestselling authors and much more.

CicloSDias Hillcrest and Bankers Hill
November 9, 2014
Price: Free
Region: Downtown, Hillcrest

San Diego’s open streets celebration is open to anyone who wants to bike, walk, stroll or skate, as long as they’re using a non-motorized vehicle.

San Diego Veteran’s Day Parade

Veterans Museum and Memorial Center

November 11, 2014
Price: Free
Venue: San Diego Embarcadero
Region: Downtown

See over 4,000 Veterans, Active Military, Bands, Floats and Civic Groups celebrate Veterans Day with the San Diego Veteran’s Day Parade.

San Diego Jazz Fest

America’s Finest City Dixieland Jazz Society

Nov 26 – 30, 2014
Price: $15-$45
Venue: Town and Country Resort & Convention Center
Region: Mission Valley and Old Town

The 35th San Diego Jazz Fest over Thanksgiving will present a variety of traditional jazz music, from ragtime to swing to dixieland at the Town & Country Resort and Hotel in Hotel Circle. Jazz bands and musicians from across the U.S. will perform.

Balboa Park December Nights

Balboa Park

Dec 5 – 6, 2014
Price: Free
Region: Downtown

December Nights brings families and friends together to spread holiday joy, learn more about the cultural value of Balboa Park and kick-off the “most wonderful time of the year.”


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